Setting Dynamics SL Customization List Checkboxes

Have you ever wondered how a Dynamics SL screen customization indicates if a checkbox in a list is checked or unchecked? Perhaps not, but just in case, here’s how it’s done.

Checked list items have the ID followed by a semi-colon, then the description. Unchecked items have a colon between the ID and the description. In the list below “GP:Goods for Project” is unchecked. The rest are checked.

DL;Description Line,FR;Freight Charges,GP:Goods for Project,MI;Misc Charges,GN;Non-Inventory Goods,SE;Services for Expense,SP;Job Purchases

If you can’t check or uncheck a box through the screen customization editor, you can export it, change the semi-colon to a colon (or vice-versa), and then import it.

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