SteadyAudit for Microsoft Dynamics SL

Start auditing Dynamics SL 2018 CU 11 (or earlier) data today!

  • Helps achieve SOX compliance and detect fraud.
    • Track changes by user, date/time, workstation, and application.
  • Separate Audit Database
    • Database table-level auditing. All changes to a table’s data are recorded.
    • A service transfers audit data to the audit database on a configurable schedule.
    • Provides greater security than tables in original database and optimized storage.
    • Essential audit tables are logged to record when auditing starts and stops.
  • Setup Application
    • Lets administrators start/stop auditing on system/application tables.*
    • Admins can disable auditing on all audited tables with one checkbox.
    • Triggers record Windows user, UTC date/time, workstation, and application used for change.
    • Triggers record all rows in the SL table affected by a change from any program.
    • Admin. emailed if configured triggers are missing or disabled.
    • New: Maximum number of days to retain audit data can be configured for any table under audit.
  • Report Application
    • Audit searches can be filtered by selected and/or changed columns.
    • Search and display data interactively. (Date/time displayed in workstation’s local time.)
    • Auditor’s search parameters and column filters print in report header.
    • Print with Crystal Reports.
    • Export directly to Excel.
    • “All Detail” report and “Export All to Excel” show all detail results from latest search.
    • Find all changes to a column or set of columns.
  • Versions for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 and 2015 are also available.
    • Requires SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher.
  • System Requirements

Sold through Microsoft Dynamics SL Partners. Contact your partner and ask them about SteadyAudit by SteadyCode today!SteadyAuditMidRotate

*Excludes tables with the image datatype, such as CustomVBA, PVRec.

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