Mobile Apps Rule

So starts an eWeek news story, reporting that 90% of the time consumers spend in mobile is in apps, with the remaining 10% in browsers. Simon Khalaf, of Yahoo, wrote that mobile and its apps are the top media channel in America, eclipsing the desktop web in Q2 2011 and television in Q4 2014. “In Q2 2015 American consumers spent, on average, 3 hrs and 40 minutes per day on their mobile devices. That is a 35% increase in time spent from one year ago and a 24% increase from Q4 2014.”

Last week I attended the official announcement of the Salesforce Lightning Experience and Design System at the Denver Salesforce Developer Meetup. In three sold-out events around the Denver metro area users, administrators, consultants, and developers watched as Salesforce announced a major makeover of their website experience in the mold of their mobile-first apps, introduced at Dreamforce last year. It’s been just two years since the introduction of Salesforce1, that let executives run their business from their phone.

Mobile is a powerful force in our culture. Think about how you and your family members connect with the internet when you are or are not at work, and how that is changing.

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