Dynamics SL Application Server

I recently wrote a new SL SDK form intended to be launched by Dynamics SL Application Server. When selecting “Submit to Application Server” from the form’s menu, I got System Message 5601 “The targeted application… does not comply with the Application Server requirements and cannot be submitted to an Application Server for processing.” I was puzzled. The official documentation speaks of running “processes and reports” via the Application Server, but nothing more specific.

The resolution for this is simple, really. Just be sure there’s a Begin Processing button on your form named “cBegProcessing”. This is stated in the SoftwareDevelopmentKit.pdf that ships with Dynamics SL, p. 5. “cBegProcessing — For a process application to be available to the application server, a button control must exist on the form with the name cBegProcessing. This button is used to begin the process. ”

Since I didn’t find this resolution to System Message 5601 elsewhere on the internet, I thought I’d post it here. Thanks to Kam Parhami and John Moore for pointing me in the right direction.


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