Accessing Data with F# Type Providers

That’s the title of a Pluralsight course by Tomas Petricek that I happened to see under “Newest” this evening. It was published today! I started watching it and am really enjoying it. As the course begins, Tomas articulately makes a business case for using F#, drawn from his book F# Deep Dives. When I Googled it to double-check the title, the hyperlink was to the book on, a new competitor to Amazon built with F#. I’d highly recommend the course. Tomas is one of the most active contributors to the F# community I’ve noticed when looking to answers for F#-related questions on the internet.

Last Friday, I attended the first meeting of “Golden Func“, a functional programming group in Golden, CO. It’s the first .Net-oriented functional programming meetupĀ I know of in the Denver Metro area. I’m excited to see the interest in functional programming growing in this area and around the world!

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