Behind the Name

​I recently returned from a fun and relaxing cruise from Southampton, U.K., to the Canary Islands. The morning after we left Madeira the sea was rough. I was relieved to hear the captain say the wind would decrease and the ship would steady that afternoon.​

Throughout the voyage, when covering the greatest distances, the ship sailed at around 19 knots, a little faster than cars are allowed to drive going through school crossings in Colorado. It didn’t seem fast, yet we covered vast distances as the ship surged steadily forward, night and day.

I’ve often thought that persistence and determination, moving doggedly ahead, are every bit as important as skill or talent in being an first-class developer. When learning a new technology or API, which happens often in this business, things don’t always work as expected. One cannot be deterred. It’s often the last five or ten percent of a project that makes the difference being good or great. Steady progress, all along the way, is the key.

When I encounter a problem that takes a while to figure out, I plan to make an entry here or on my WordPress blog ( I want to remember things that required a steady focus to discover. They are valuable to me, and hopefully to you as well.

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